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    First, it can promote the coordinated development of children's body functions, including sensory development and body movements. Typical examples of baby toys include rattles, bedside toys, and vocal toys. Musical toys contribute to the development of baby movements and sensory development; origami or graffiti board toys can promote the development of children's fine movements; balls and throwing toys can promote the coordinated development of children's bodies.

    Second, it can improve children's knowledge and skills, and can cultivate children's interest in learning. Children learn knowledge through toys and improve their life skills. Children acquire these knowledge or skills while playing, and feel the joy of learning, so that children fall in love with learning.

    The third is to improve children's thinking and creativity. All kinds of building blocks, jigsaw puzzles and labyrinth toys can improve the development of children's thinking and creativity. Toys such as chess and toys, nine-rings and jigsaw puzzles can cultivate children's logical thinking ability and creativity, building blocks, plasticine, construction and other toys. The creativity of children’s creativity plays an important role.

    Fourth, it can cultivate the ability to deal with children's social relations. Toys can develop children's interpersonal skills and promote children to establish correct values. For example, toys help children distinguish between good and evil, and children learn to care for the environment and form a sense of fair competition. Such toys include sports toys, daily life model toys, and the like.

    Fifth, it can promote children to form a good character. Various scientific toys, children's climbing toys, and board games cultivate children to form good behavior habits, such as patience, scientific exploration spirit, strong, brave character.
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